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Around a third of New Zealanders undertake formal volunteering activity.  As noted by Volunteering New Zealand in their Best Practice Guidelines for Volunteer-Involving Organisations, for many organisations, the involvement of volunteers makes the difference between being able to achieve their mission, and not achieving them.  Volunteers are a precious resource.

From an employment perspective, volunteers are defined as people that neither expect nor receive any reward for their work.  This is a limited usage of the word 'reward' that refers to material benefit.  As we know, volunteers often receive intangible benefits from their work.

Volunteering in the Diocese might include lay ministry (including ministry licensed by the Bishops), roles on vestries and being wardens, or providing help around churches (such as flowers, cleaning or gardening).  Whatever their role, all people have the right to be free from discrimination and harassment, and to have a safe space to work in.

Parish Volunteering

There are formal roles within parishes that are governed by Statute 15 The Parishes Statute.  These include roles on vestry, being a churchwarden, or a parish nominator.  There is also a handbook for churchwardens and vestries called Getting Fired Up for God.

There are also informal roles within parishes and if you are interested in volunteering in other ways, please see your parish vicar.


As with clergy and employees, volunteers working for parishes or the Diocese are expected to act in a manner that is suitable for the organisation.  If you are aware of, or have experienced, inappropriate behaviour on the part of a volunteer, and you wish to make a complaint, or make an inquiry about the complaints procedure, please speak with the parish vicar initially.  In the case of a breach in standards on the part of a Diocesan volunteer, please contact the Registrar-Manager.

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