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Our Bishop

Bishops are sent to lead by their example
in the total ministry and mission of the Church.
They are to be Christ’s shepherds
in seeking out and caring for those in need.
They are to heal and reconcile,
uphold justice and strive for peace.

Bishops are to exercise godly leadership
in that part of the Church committed to their care,
and to maintain wise discipline within its fellowship.
The Church looks to them to promote peace and unity
among all God’s people,
and to encourage their obedience to God’s word.
They are to keep the Church true to its faith,
as found in Scripture and the Creeds,
to teach this faith and proclaim it.

Bishops are to ensure that an episcopal ministry is maintained.
They are to ordain, send forth and care for the Church’s pastors,
and to preside over its worshipping life.

(Extract from A New Zealand Prayer Book, page 913)


archbishop philip

The Most Reverend Philip Richardson is the Bishop of Waikato and Taranaki and Archbishop of the New Zealand Dioceses. He was ordained priest in 1982 and undertook parish ministry in Auckland City, Whangarei and Dunedin, following which he was head of Selwyn College at Otago University and was involved in post graduate study and teaching at that University. It was there that he further developed his interest in ethics and was part of the teaching team for this discipline. Since being Bishop of Taranaki he has consistently advocated for a servant focussed commitment from each local Church to the communities in which they are set.

The Most Reverend Philip Richardson was appointed Archbishop of the New Zealand Dioceses from 1 May 2013. Archbishop Philip carries wide-ranging responsibilities across our Church and represents us internationally. 

episcopal vision

Download the 2018 Charge here.

Download the 2017 Charge here.

recent charges and history

At synod in 2014 the Bishops laid out their vision for the Diocese of Waikato and Taranaki.

"The episcopal vision we share with you now invites each one of us to reconnect with our Anglican identity in a very intentional way.  Our vision is three-fold: grounded in prayer we are equipped for discipleship, and connected to community.  It is a vision that renews our confidence in God’s mission, and which will be engaged with in particular ways over the next three years.  It is a vision that began last year with Bishop Philip’s charge to Synod, and has been developed through the life of our new episcopal partnership."

During the Eucharist for Synod 2015 at Holy Trinity Stratford, the Bishops presented the second instalment of this Diocesan vision.

The final part of the Bishops' three-fold charge was delivered at the Cathedral Church of St Peter, Hamilton on September 23, 2016. 

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