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Aug 09


The Feast 2017 (Te Hakari) will engage with the third strand of our episcopal vision: our connection to community. 

Social Transformation | August 9: Wednesday 7-9pm

  • Simon Cayley, CEO of the Bishop's Action Foundation

“Not all of us can do great things, but we can all do small things with great love” (Mother Teresa)
Social transformation sounds daunting and something to be tackled by global experts, but it is not.  At the heart of social transformation is justice and the heart of justice is nothing more technically complicated than compassion.  As a Church our challenge is not only to give to God what is due to Him, but to respond to God’s great gift of life and aroha to us by making ourselves a loving gift to others. This session will look at social transformation through this lens using practical examples as a point of reference.

Refugee Resettlement | August 16: Wednesday 7-9 pm

  • Jen Richardson, Red Cross (Waikato) Humanitarian Services Manager

Refugee resettlement globally and specifically in Aotearoa is one of our society’s hottest topics at present. Over the past few years and months, Kiwis have been debating whether or not as a nation we should be accepting more refugees and whether or not we have a responsibility to do more. This presentation will look at sharing some of the great work that is being done currently to support former refugees in the Waikato region and include some of the opportunities and challenges that face former refugees who resettle in our community. This session will also cover the humanitarian work and activities that New Zealand Red Cross is involved in locally including efforts to support residents of Edgecumbe through their recent flooding emergency.
Jen Richardson is the NZ Red Cross Humanitarian Services Manager for the Waikato Bay of Plenty and as part of her role oversees all refugee, community resilience and disaster recovery programmes within the region. Jen has a strong background in youth development and community programmes with long experience in the non profit sector across various agencies. 

St Barnabas Community House (Also available via Video Conference at particular centres)
St David’s Anglican Church
160 Rifle Range Rd, Hamilton

Contact for more information
Stephen Black | | 027 741 0949 | 07 857 0437 | Hamilton

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